Fully Funded EpiPen®

*Eligibility Criteria Apply

EpiPens® auto-injectors are now fully funded on prescription for eligible New Zealanders

If you qualify for funding, you can get up to two fully funded EpiPen auto-injectors. It is important to have two devices available in all the places you might need them, as some individuals may require a second dose due to ongoing symptoms. Administering more than two consecutive doses should only be done under direct medical supervision.

If you have further questions, talk to your healthcare practitioner i.e., GP, Pharmacist Prescriber, Nurse Practitioner, or a Specialist.

Who qualifies for funding

Anyone with previous anaphylactic reactions: If you have ever experienced an anaphylactic reaction that required an Emergency Department visit or a hospital admission, you are eligible for funding.


If you are at a significant risk of anaphylaxis: If a relevant practitioner determines you are at a significant risk of anaphylaxis, you qualify for funding.

How to access funding

The funding for EpiPen auto-injectors is subject to funding criteria. This is completed by any of the healthcare practitioners mentioned above. Reach out to any of these health professionals for further advice and guidance. They may be able to assist in navigating the process and, if eligible, help you secure your fully funded EpiPen auto-injectors.

You can also request an additional funded prescription just before your EpiPen auto-injectors expire or to replace a used device.

Why two EpiPen auto-injectors may be best prescribed

For children in daycare or school: Having two EpiPen auto-injectors allows children to keep one with them at all times (whilst in or out of home) and the other at daycare or school, ensuring quick access to emergency treatment wherever they are.

For adolescents and adults: Carrying two EpiPen auto-injectors at all times allows for the administration of more than one dose if needed, which is crucial in scenarios like biphasic reactions (second anaphylactic reaction following the first), ambulance delays during emergencies, or in high-stress situations where user-error might occur.

Anaphylaxis can vary in severity from person to person, and even within the same individual during different episodes. Adrenaline plays a vital role in managing severe allergic reactions. Having two EpiPen auto-injectors will help to manage potentially severe reactions more effectively.

Take control of your well-being and protect yourself with fully funded EpiPen auto-injectors.

For more information on the funding and criteria, click here to read more.

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